CORPORATE OVERVIEW is a division of RSR Electronics, Inc./Electronix Express. Founded in 1977, RSR Electronics, Inc has over 38 successful years of experience distributing electronic components and equipment for both the Educational and Industrial marketplace. Satisfied, existing customers of our parent company always requested general science products, which ultimately led to the creation of offers a virtual one-stop shop for schools and labs sourcing everything from traditional science lab supplies, such as glassware and beakers, to state of the art alternate energy (solar, wind, fuel cell) kits and fiber optics projects. A 150+ page catalog and convenient website detail economically priced items used in Chemistry, Biology, Alternative Energy, Environmental Science, DNA and Forensics, Anatomy, Robotics, Physics, Math, Engineering, Electronics, Labware and more. With refined distribution know-how, decades of direct importing experience and existing built-in infrastructure, guarantees both a high level of customer service and very competitive pricing.