MUX32 Module | MC3132 MUX32 Module | 32-channel Multiplexer

Rigol MC3132 Instrument Options - MUX32 Module

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  • MUX32 Module
  • MC3132 MUX32 Module
  • 32-channel Multiplexer
Rigol MC3132 MUX32 Module 32-channel Multiplexer.32 channel differential Multiplexer module for use with M300 DAQ System Mainframe and MC3065 DMM module. Configurable for 2 or 4 wire measurements. The M3TB32 is the mating terminal block for this module.MC3132 (32-Channel Multiplexer):All 32 channels switch both HI and LO inputs, thus providing fully isolated inputs to the DMM module. MC3132 is divided into two banks (called A and B) of 16 two-wire channels each. When making 4-wire resistance measurement, the instrument automatically pairs channels of A bank and B bank. All channels are break-before-make. You can close multiple channels on this module only if you have not configured any channel to be part of the scan list. This module can be connected with MC3065 (DMM Module, if MC3065 is currently inserted).Measurement Connections Using External Terminal BlocksM300 provides 6 kinds of terminal blocks to easily connect the signal to be measured to the module. The models of the terminal blocks and corresponding modules are listed in the table below. This section introduces how to use the external block. Terminal Block Module 1 M3TB32 MC3132, MC3232 2 M3TB64 MC3164, MC3264 3 M3TB24 MC3324 4 M3TB48 MC3648 5 M3TB16 MC3416 6 M3TB34 MC3534Note: for the MC3724, the signal can be connected to the SMB connectors on the module directly. No terminal block is needed.WARNING: Cut off all the power supplies before opening the terminal block or removing the terminal block from the module.1.Place the terminal block with the front (with the RIGOL caption) facing downward and pull the two latches in the arrow direction in the figure below and press them down. Place the terminal block with the front facing upward and pull the upper cover of the terminal block upward and

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