Hardened and tempered

Olympia Tools 11-409 9-Inch Welding Clamp

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  • Hardened and tempered
The Olympia Tools 11-409 9 in. Locking Welding C-Clamp is easy to operate, even with gloves on. The one-handed grip and release action speeds up your work. This welding clamp is corrosion-resistant with a nickel chrome plated finish and comes fully polished.

018-11-409 Features:
-Hardened and tempered.
-Mechanism: Adjustable Mechanical Locking.
-Material: Drop Forged Steel.
-Testing and approvals:
-Meets or exceeds Federal and ANSI specifications.

-Finish: Nickel Plated.

Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 229 x 221 x 71 MM

Product Weight: 0.500625 LB