Whadda Brain Game - Soldering Practice and Electrical Engineering D.I.Y. Kit (WSG112)

Whadda Brain Game - Soldering Practice and Electrical Engineering D.I.Y. Kit (WSG112)

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Just 4 LEDs and 4 push buttons provide hours of fun. The objective of the game is to repeat a randomly generated pattern. The pattern is played both visually and audible or visually only (selectable). It features 4 difficulty levels, which can be selected at start-up. The replay speed gradually increases during the game, to make it even more challenging. Low power consumption. Microprocessor-controlled. Auto power off.

This product is similar to Velleman part numbers MK112, WSG150, MK150, WSG159, MK159


    • Physical properties:
      • Number of LEDs: 4
      • Number of buttons: 4
    • Technical data:
      • Automatic power-off function: Yes
    • Set-up options:
      • Number of difficulty levels: 4
    • Operational properties:
      • Coding skill level: none
      • Electronics skill level: none
      • Mechanics skill level: none
      • Soldering skill level: none
    • Power supply:
      • Batteries: No
      • Number of batteries: 3
      • Battery operated: Yes
      • Battery IEC size: AA (LR6, R6, FR6, HR6, KR6, ZR6 ,15A, 15D, 15LF, 1.2H2, 1.2K2, UM3, Pencil, MN1500, MX1500, MV1500)
    • Product basic info:
      • Colour unit: Green
      • Additional colour: Blue
      • Depth unit: 5 cm
      • Weight unit: 42 g
      • Width unit: 6.5 cm

    Additional information

    Weight 57 g
    Dimensions 3,50 × 7,50 × 15,50 cm

    About Whadda Kits

    • Educational: Discover the fascinating world of Whadda soldering kits and learn the basics of electronics through engaging projects. The kits offer step-by-step instructions and clear explanations, allowing both beginners and experts to learn and experiment.
    • Creativity: Give space to your imagination and create unique electronic projects with the Whadda soldering kits. Unleash your creativity and build something that is truly yours!
    • Made in Belgium: Whadda is a unique brand from Belgium’s Velleman Group that offers DIY projects for hobbyists or makers who want to immerse themselves in electronics, programming and mechanics.
    • STEM project : Develop and improve your STEM skills and acquire the knowledge, skills and experience needed to face the technological challenges of the future with this educational kit. This educational kit will trigger a number of processes such as problem-solving, investigative and creative thinking.
    • Perfect for young and old: With this experiment kit, children and adults with little or no prior knowledge can take their first steps into the exciting world of electronics and advanced users can deepen their knowledge.
    • The kit is ideal for youngsters and adults aged 9 to 99! However, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.